MiniShake Parties – The concept and who has played there.

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Once upon a time there were raves; Platform shoes were “in” as were chequered, bell bottomed trousers, naked belly buttons, white gloves and (God forbid!) chupa-chups. Ultra violet, laser shows and strobe lights were chic, flashing in a frenetic fury to any sort of new beat that was “being discovered” “Excess” was the name and “whatever” was the game.

Then we learned that less IS more and that we don’t need a blasting, blinding light show to get the crowd going– the artist’s clicks ‘n cuts, glitches and melodies, some grinding some floating, do the job today. In the good DJ we trust. We learned to truly LISTEN. BPM was dethroned and cohesion and imagination were left to reign on a kingdom of structured sounds, each with its own story to tell.

MegaShaking slowly turned into MaxiShaking and today we are left with the bare essentials: MiniShaking.

MiniShake parties are held every now and then, wherever the fancy takes us, for pleasure seeking MiniShakers who respect each other’s “square meter” and know how to party long and hard to some of the wickedest beats around.

Many, many thanks to all the Artists who have played @ MiniShake (First party March 2006) in no particular order:

1 Alex Like (Beam Records / Bern, CH) MiniShake
2 Andy Gobeli (Minimal Designer /Zurich, CH) MiniShake
3 Anna (Frankfurt, DE) ChicaBoom!
4 Ast (Mischpult /Zurich, CH) ChicaBoom!
5 Ast (Mishpult / Zurich, CH) MiniShake
6 Aulay (Blablabla / Lucern, CH) MiniShake
7 Benna (Harry Klein / Munich Germany) MiniShake
8 Bruno Pronsato (Telegraph, Orac, Hello?Repeat / USA) MiniShake
9 Custom Tea (Ministate / Berlin DE) MiniShake
10 Dan Berkson and James What LIVE (Poker Flat / London, UK) MiniShake
11 Dario Zenker (Num, Esperanza / Berlin, DE) MiniShake
12 Dave Canina (Klub Elf / Bern CH) MiniShake
13 Dilo (Igloo, Produkt / Buenos Aires, AR) MiniShake
14 Don Ramon (Cheeky Choice / Zurich CH) MiniShake
15 Dualism LIVE (Archipel / Zurich DE) MiniShake
16 Eli Verveine (Tardis records / Zurich, CH) ChicaBoom!
17 Emmat (Obstinate, La CauseTek / Lausanne, CH) MiniShake
18 Ez Raidler (Bern, CH) MiniShake
19 Felipe Acevedo (Afterlokal, D! Club / Lausanne, CH) MiniShake
20 Flexibelle, (Bern, CH) ChicaBoom!
21 Franco Bianco (Italobusines, Miniscule / Buenos Aires, AR) MiniShake
22 Funkwerkstatt LIVE (Superfancy / DE) MiniShake
23 Ghettopo (Archipel, 7b / Lausanne, CH) MiniShake
24 Gurtz (Einmaleins, Adjunct, Igloo / Buenos Aires, AR) MiniShake
25 Iana Himnia (Regular / Barcelona ES) MiniShake
26 Isi and Bjorn (Vera / Bern, CH) MiniShake
27 Jeik aka Danny Rodrizuez (Toys for Boys / Brussels, BE) MiniShake
28 Juan Baeza (La CauseTek / Lausanne, CH) MiniShake
29 Kabale und Liebe (Remote Area, Archipel / Amsterdam, NL) MiniShake
30 Kane Roth (Multi Vitamins, LessIzmore / Montpellier, FR) MiniShake
31 Liviu (34m2 / Lausanne, CH) MiniShake
32 Lukas Kleesattel (Beam Records / Bern, CH) MiniShake
33 Markus Fix (Cecille, Oslo / Frankfurt, DE) MiniShake
34 Masaya (Mina Records / Lausanne, CH) ChicaBoom!
35 Matija (Eintakt / Zurich, CH) MiniShake
36 Max Nero (Mytek / Lausanne, CH) MiniShake
37 Mia Kaltes (Fine Food Rec / Bienne, CH) ChicaBoom!
38 Mike Wall (Safari, Produkt / Berlin DE) MiniShake
39 Mirweis Sangin LIVE (Phictiv, DOC / CH) MiniShake
40 Miss Ding (Bern, CH) ChicaBoom!
41 Nader (Party Garentie / Zurich, CH) MiniShake
42 Pablo Bordon (Bern,CH) MiniShake
43 Pepperpot (Hello, Rex / Paris,FR) MiniShake
44 Pheek LIVE (Archipel, Tic Tac Toe, Min_s / CAN) MiniShake
45 Philip Dunst (Neuchatel, CH) MiniShake
46 Phly (Kompass Musik, / Hamburg DE) MiniShake
47 Pompelmoessap LIVE (Kalimari, LessIzmo:re / CH) MiniShake
48 Ramon Lorenzo (La Ruche Rec / Lausanne, CH) MiniShake
49 RandomPLAY (Puzzle Trax / Copenhagen, Denmark) MiniShake
50 RauwKost LIVE (Amsterdam NL) MiniShake
51 Rayan Hawkin (Rose Electro / Fribourg, CH) MiniShake
52 Réne Dachner (Ubel & Gefärlich / Hamburg DE) MiniShake
53 San Marco (Super Fancy, Cheeky Choice / Zurich, CH) MiniShake
54 Sebastian Herre(Produkt / Berlin, DE) MiniShake
55 Serge (kill the dj / Barcelona, ES) MiniShake
56 Shadi Megallaa (Tic Tac Toe / Cairo,EG) MiniShake
57 Shahira (Minimal Designer / Zurich, CH) MiniShake
58 Simon (Archipel / Neuchatel, CH) MiniShake
59 Steffie SoWeso (Bern,CH) ChicaBoom!
60 Valentino (Stereo Brothers / Zurich CH) MiniShake
61 Vera (Robert Johnson, Oslo Records/ Manheim, DE) ChicaBoom!
62 Volta (VR Records / Lausanne, CH) MiniShake
63 Wicked Wilma ChicaBoom!
64 Wla Garcia (Brotech, Bush, MiniSketch, KR, Ekho / Lisbon, PT) MiniShake

May the MiniShake be with you!

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